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Fibaro - Temperature SensorZ-Wave Smart Home Automation Control Module

This tiny, 1-Wire digital temperature sensor can be connected to Fibaro Sensors to enhance their functionality. You can connect up to 4 to a Universal Sensor (up to 30m away) and up to 1 inside a Door/Window Sensor.
£5.99 incl VAT

Fibaro - Dimmer Bypass 2 Z-Wave Smart Home Automation Control Module

A small device designed to work with the Fibaro Dimmer 2; specifically for use with low energy consumption dimmable lights to prevent flickering.
£9.99 incl VAT

Fibaro - Universal Sensor Z-Wave Smart Home Automation Control Module

The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that allows you to bridge the output of any binary sensor onto the Z-Wave network and incorporate it into your Fibaro system. The module supports up to two binary sensors and four temperature sensors. The Universal Binary Sensor allows advanced users to quickly and easily incorporate alarm systems, infra-red receivers and other third-party devices into a Fibaro Z-Wave network.
£38.00 incl VAT

Fibaro - Door Window Sensor Z-Wave Smart Home Automation Control Module

The Door / Window Sensor is a battery powered reed sensor that expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the state of doors, windows, garages and other apertures. The sensor can be used to automatically turn a light on when you enter a room, guard against unauthorised access, warn you if you leave your front door open when you leave the house or even reduce your heating bills by excluding zones with open windows from the heating programme. The Door/Window sensor includes support for an optional temperature sensor.
£46.00 incl VAT